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7’s rugby at Lilyfontein

Lilyfontein School hosted their annual 7’s Rugby and Netball tournament recently.

They had over 400 learners from 15 different schools fighting it out on three rugby fields and 3 netball courts.

The campus was alive with a very fast paced event with loads of talent and energy shown on the day. The days results were as follows in the rugby:

U/11 Semi-finals:

Kings College (41) vs Beaconhurst (14),

Lilyfontein (10) vs Stutterheim (22).

Final: Kings College (40) vs Stutterheim (12).

U/13 Semi-finals:

Gonubie (26) vs Lilyfontein (7),

Beaconhurst (26) vs Kings College (26)

(Kings College won a sudden death to go through to the final).

Final: Gonubie (26) vs Kings College (22)

U/19 Semi-finals:

Lilyfontein (12) vs Port Rex (36),

Selborne (40) vs Mzomhle (12).

Final: Port Rex (17) vs Selborne (41).

Results for the Netball divisions were as follows:

U/11 Final: Beaconhurst (11) vs Kings College A (4), U/13 Final: Lilyfontein (7) vs Kings College A (6).U/15 Final: Devos (9) vs Kingsridge (4) and U/19 Final: Kingsridge (10) vs Mzomhle (5).

U/19 Rugby winners, Selborne College.

U/11 Rugby winners, Kings College.

U/13 Rugby winners, Gonubie Primary.


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