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993 suspects arrested over past week

993 suspects were arrested in the Eastern Cape from January 10 until January 12, 2020, for different crimes according to the police. Twenty-nine suspects were arrested for murder, 194 for assault with grievous bodily harm, 35 for burglary, eleven for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and 32 for illegal possession of fire and ammunition.

Some suspects were arrested for drinking in a public place and being drunk in a public place. A total of 5 941 counterfeit goods were confiscated, 2 360 fake cigarettes, 560 knives were confiscated and 2 800 items of fake money were seized.

“In Libode and Ngqeleni illegal taverns were closed down, while those who failed to comply were given fines. During these weeklong operations, about 1051 litres of liquor was also seized. A total of 2061,7kg of Dagga, 228g of Crystal Meth (Tik) and 21g of Mandrax powder. All these suspects are expected to appear soon at different courts throughout the Province facing respective charges,” said police spokesperson Khaya Tonjeni.


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