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Accident victims beat odds and walk down the aisle

Roxaine and Michael Krauspe walk down the aisle, 14 months after a car accident, which left Michael in a wheelchair for almost two months.

Roxaine and Michael Krauspe from Cambridge got their happy ending on May 25, 14 weeks after a speeding car killed their eight-year-old pet dog, Fudge, and left the young couple with serious injuries.

Michael’s recovery journey was not easy as he had to spend six weeks in a wheelchair after multiple surgeries on his legs as well as six weeks walking with the aid of crutches. Roxaine sustained an injury on her right leg which took a month to heal.

The young couple who’ve known each other since Grade 8, said they would not have made it through the difficult time in their lives had it not been for their families’ and friends’ support. According to Roxaine, “the experience taught me that you should always talk to your partner, friends and family during a difficult time. Tough experiences also teach you who your true friends are”.

Fudge was cremated shortly after the accident, and since then, the Krauspes have two six-months-old pet dogs.

“We’re planning to have more pets in the future. I had cats and dogs at home still, but Fudge was my baby,” said Roxaine.

The young couple was worried about how the accident would affect Michael’s mobility and whether he’d be able to dance and walk at their wedding. A week before the wedding, Michael was able to walk without the aid of crutches.

Michael said the accident made him “feel like the pavement is not safe anymore”.

He said seeing his wife walk down the aisle was what kept him motivated to keep pushing so that he would be able to walk without any assistance.

“I felt happy and excited as well as accomplished on our wedding day, as I could stand and watch my wife walk down the aisle,” said Michael.

Roxaine works as a Grade R teacher at a local school. Michael works at BCX which maintains various shops’ computer equipment. He has only recently been able to get back to his normal work routine after the accident.






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