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African Art in high demand, globally

By Rising Sun Reporter

African themed art is in high demand, not only in Africa but globally.

Collectors are buying historical and modern African art, but the trend is more for private buyers and average home decorators who are seeing the value in investing in African art to brighten up their homes and offices.

Professional artists put paintbrush to canvas to capture the true visuals of African culture, from native or indigenous Africans, portraits of people, landmarks, sculptures, and more.

Explaining what consumers look for, upcoming overseas artist, Imee Francisco, said customers seek unique creations.

"We say a photograph speaks more than a thousand words, a hand made painting, speaks even more. Customers know they can buy online, or take ready-made art from a gallery, but they want more personal touches done. They want unique, contemporary paintings created, sort of a limited edition."

Art is very accessible through art galleries and online, but some of these are photographic reprints and not the original painting.

The original always has more value for both the buyer and the artist.

Consumers prefer commissioned work, done by artists, that suit each customer's specific preference to colours, size and themes, mixed with the imagination and creativity of the artist.

Artists capture the lifestyles of women carrying pots, cooking in villages (similar to the Instagram posts of our Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi) to the modern and elegant poses of women drinking tea.

African themed queen in an Acrylic painting created by overseas artist @i_mee25. Collaborations: 065 122 4839. Impasto painting of women working in a plantation in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape created in 79 hours, selling for R12,500.

Another artist, Shoun, whose work is displayed throughout Southern Africa, was busy during the lockdown in Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth.

"We have the freedom to express using the paintbrush with a little idea from clients. Especially if the art is going to be in your living room, you don't want the same thing that someone else has that they bought from the same store or online," explained Shoun who specialises in mixed media creations of rural villages and people.

Mixed Media work by artist, Shoun who designed and created this for a client in Vincent. which sold for R8,500. Collaborations: 076 661 4336.

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