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Alexander Playhouse gets creepier by the night

The Alexander Playhouse’s Drama society will host an interactive Halloween themed murder mystery night with new characters featuring a brand-new musical. Fresh from the success of their 2018 murder mystery, the audiences loved it and begged for more. The show opens on Thursday, October 31 until November 2 from 7pm.

The audience will be treated to a cult classic: The Rocky Horror Show. In-house chef, Anna, will delight the audience to her delicious signature fusion dishes - each night something different before the performances.

Once the doors open, the murder story has already started. Mid performance, something goes wrong. The audience will have to move around the theatre, question the cast and crew, investigate, snoop... until they find the murderer. The audience is urged to pay close attention to everything happening or even something lying around.

Every night, there are new suspects and culprits. The cast themselves won't even know what's going on or who the murderer is apart from those directly involved.

“Audiences are welcome to bring drinks and glasses, as well as a notepad and a pen. This is a community theatre project, so none of the cast and crew members involved will receive any payment. Anything raised will go towards maintaining - and at the moment also upgrading - our grand old lady, our beloved Alexander Playhouse,” said Jo Stemmet, Director and Dramsoc board member.

If you fancy yourself to be a Sherlock Holmes and Cluedo-boffins this is the show for you.


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