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‘Anele wanted us to leave that night’ - Wife

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Instead, he died from ten deep head wounds from a rifle butt, writes Khuthala Nandipha

Anele's wife, Babalwa, with their son, Hlumani.

A few hours before Anele Hoyana (40) lost his life, he was returning from a visit to the local village of Jongilanga with his business partner, Fritz Joubert (45).

According to Hoyana’s wife, Babalwa, he had told Fritz that he will be moving out of the house. She says, for the first time since they had known him, Joubert had nothing to say.

On their last night together, Anele decided to share insights with Joubert about the manner in which he engages with people, pointing out that it was inappropriate. This led to a series of short-lived arguments throughout the night. The tone of the conversation, however, led Babalwa to believe that they should start packing.

Anele's older brother, Olwethu.

It is during this packing that Joubert lost it and shot the video that has been circulating on social media. Joubert swore that no one would leave the property. “At some point, Fritz was holding the two-week-old baby by the legs and swinging him. The Anele we saw in that video, submissive and taking instructions, is not the Anele we know, but rather someone who was trying to protect his family. The Anele we know would have fought to his last breath,” said Anele’s older brother, Olwethu during the funeral on Saturday, December 7 at their family farm home in Kwelera.

Olwethu was the first family member on the scene.

He found his brother with ten deep wounds on his head. Joubert’s rifle was broken from the impact. Olwethu used the platform to tell the story of what happened that night, as told by Anele’s wife to the family and police.

He clarified that Anele was not training Fritz to be a Sangoma, they were just doing business. The rugby lover and avid athlete was remembered as a kind man, a fighter when he needed to be, and a family man who was looking forward to starting a life with his wife and two children.

Methodist Church Reverend, Mrs. Ntlangiso.

His mother, Tenjiwe, attended the funeral in a wheelchair after she suffered a stroke, a week before her son was murdered by someone she used to call to the house to fix electrical problems. The family stressed that Anele and Fritz were friendly, but they were not friends.

The funeral was attended by members of the Eastern Cape branch of Economic Freedom Fighters who lamented the absence of white neighbours at the funeral.

Eastern Cape Premier Lubabalo Mabuyane was accompanied by Chief Phathekile Holomisa, Deputy Minister of Justice and Buti Manamela Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

Anele was buried in the family garden, with all women, not even his wife and mother allowed on the gravesite, as it as commonly known Xhosa custom.

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