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Author's reflections on past

By Mihle Tolobisa

Gonubie author, Noorie Hammond (66) recently published her book Daughters of the Sun, which shares stories of ordinary South African families whose lives were impacted by the laws of the apartheid era. The book traces real-life stories from all racial backgrounds; a mixture of life, love and tragedies of how people had to change their day to day lives because of the laws.

Hammond was born and raised in Kimberly and moved to Mafikeng in the late 80s. She explains that there was no bloodshed experienced by some families, but they were still emotionally affected. “We were living in fear, that is why we always had to be on the run because the laws made us feel like prisoners in our own homes; everyone wanted freedom,” she said.

She worked at the University of Bophuthatswana, now known as the University of North West. She got married to a white man in the 90s, which was a violation of the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act no.55 of 1949, as she is an Indian.

The couple had to constantly be on the road because they lived in fear of being caught and arrested. She moved to East London in 2016 after her husband passed away and started writing short stories and poetry of different genres.

According to Hammond, the book seeks to offer an understanding of why races are not tolerant of each other and how that all started. It also highlights the importance of reconciliation. She described the struggle as more than just the icons that emerged from the era but also the people who were left with scars.

“The reason why I have South Africa in white is because at the time it was under white rule and we cannot forget that. It is amazing how our diverse country has managed to be united and filled with so much peace,” she enthused.

If you want to purchase a copy of Daughters of the Sun, call Noorie on 082 200 7954.






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