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Body of a teen found floating at Nahoon Reef

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The body of a teenage boy presumed to be one of the two Middelburg teenagers that went missing on Sunday at the Eastern Beach was found by a beachgoer floating at the Nahoon Reef today at around 2pm.

“I was taking a friend for a drive and as we got here, we saw what looked like a jellyfish floating in the ocean close to the parking lot. On close inspection, I realised that it was a teenager and called the police who arrived 45 minutes later,” said Emma Cowley.

The body laid face down in the sand with a two-toned brown and light skin. Surfers and divers on the scene presume that he was washed off because of the strong West Winds. Police divers mentioned that if he is one of the swimmers that went missing on Sunday, his body was washed off sooner than expected.

“It usually takes up to four days for the body to surface. We are keeping an eye out and we will probably dive in to see if we can find the other teenager,” said a police diver on the scene.

The police could not confirm if the body is one of the swimmers but they said it is highly likely.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), the three teenagers were in 'difficulty in the surf' during a school tour. One boy was rescued by lifeguards and rushed to hospital by emergency medical services. He is believed to be in a stable condition for observation for non-fatal drowning symptoms.

Police have opened a case for investigation.


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