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Botha may have planned Nene’s murder for weeks

Luyanda Botha

In what seems like premeditated murder, a packed Wynberg Court heard the summary of facts of how Luyanda Botha (42) stole the life of Beacon Bay teenager on a Saturday afternoon after she had come to collect clothes she had ordered online. He lied and said the parcel had not arrived, although it had arrived eight days before.

Botha had Mrwetyana’s cellphone number from a previous visit she had made 16 days prior, on August 8. He took her number and promised to alert her when the parcel arrived. The parcel arrived on August 16 and on August 24 when she went again, he claimed it had not, and that she must come back later in the afternoon to check.

The State alleged that Botha is guilty of raping the young girl more than once and that this carries a minimum sentence of life imprisonment. His name, according to the state must be entered into the National Register of Sexual Offenders upon conviction.

Botha will appear at the Western Cape High Court on November 15.






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