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China Town, cleared of sewage spill claims by fact less video

Eastern Cape Rising Sun is in possession of a second video (seen below) that shows that China Mall has a conservancy tank of 4 000 litres as well as a storm-water management holding facility of 25 000 litres that stores sewage in their parking lot. The sewage is then picked up by Buffalo City Municipality on a daily basis at a cost.

A scathing video circulated earlier in the week by Beacon Bay businessman Simon Thesen of Bishop Country Estates may end in a court battle after a Municipality investigation cleared China Town of any wrong doing.

Thesen insists that he shot the video and believes that the Mall’s sewerage pumps end up at the Nahoon River. Kevin Moldenhauer, manager for China Town insists that this is a sabotage and they are seeking legal advice.

Thesen’s video, which has gone viral on social media, narrates, “In case you were wondering where the sewage in the Nahoon River is coming from, this is it, China Town in Beacon Bay. They have a sceptic tank that runs into the East London storm water management, must be so legal.” BCMM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya confirmed that the details given by China

Town are correct and that their sewerage management system does not lead up to the Nahoon River but is rather picked up by BCMM trucks. “We have deduced from our investigation that China Mall’s permanent pipe and submersible pump that was installed between the two tanks had failed, so what was seen in the orginal video was a temporary pipe and pump transferring the wastewater from one tank to the other. The rumours spread by the video are untrue,” said Ngwenya.

Thesen took the video in the Mall’s parking lot and sent it to a private WhatsApp group despite lack of concrete evidence. “The video speaks for itself. I live in the neighbourhood and the stench is unbearable. My children and I can no longer swim in the Nahoon River as it is unsafe. There is also another private housing complex in the area whose pumps have been leaking for weeks. Private groups of people are allowed to have leaks but the health department does nothing about it,” insisted Thesen.

China Town does not have a sewerage line, but use conservative tanks to store sewage, which gets picked up by the Municipality daily at a cost of up to R10 000. Eastern Cape Rising Sun is in possession of bank statements of these multiple payments made to BCMM. “We bought this property from our neighbor and we thought we would be able to join the existing sewerage line, but that was not the case. We are looking to get a municipal connection because we have been trying to link up with the properties nearest to us, to join their lines, but it has proven too expensive or some have just refused,” said Moldenhauer.

Moldenhauer claims that they are not the only business/mall in the precinct that does not have a proper sewerage line, and that they are being made the scapegoats by Thesen for the sewage spillage into the Nahoon River.

Rising Sun’s, Khuthala Nandipha investigates the sewer pumps at Beacon Bay’s China Mall, which according to the Buffalo City Metro Municipality is cleared of any sewer spills.


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