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Cove Rock New Development

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

So, you bought yourself a plot with Cove Rock New Development, what next?

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Q: When will I get my Title Deed?

A: Once the rezoning, sub-division and town-planning process/requirements are completed with the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), and once the conditions as contained in the offer to purchase and conditions of sale have been fulfilled, a sectional title register shall be opened with the Deed’s office, whereupon individual ERF numbers or sectional title numbers shall be allocated as per the site development plan.

This will mean that the attorney and conveyancers can now register the plot in your name(s) and a title deed for your respective plot can be issued.

Q: How long before I can build?

A: We anticipate that all the above rezoning, subdivision and town-planning process should be completed by December 2019. It has been a long process thus far with a variety of professional reports being requested by BCMM.

These processes are almost complete. Once subdivision and rezoning is finalised, and once the plot has been registered into your name, we see no further delay in you being able to build according to your municipal-approved design.

Q: What about services?

A: Yes of course. We shall ensure that there are services on the development up to street level, meaning you shall thereafter be liable for the connection from the street outside your plot to your dwelling.

Our electricity supply is expected to be provided by Eskom directly in the area and each household can have their own prepaid meter. It shall be the responsibility of each buyer to pay for connection fees to their individual site once services are available.

Q: Why is it a good idea to buy NOW rather than wait for later?

A: Buying your plot now means that you purchase it cheaper. Once the development passes the BCMM process prices shall automatically increase.

Once building commences prices shall again go up. This is because there shall be greater demand from a greater number of people. It is a great investment and a saving to purchase now.

Q: How often should we expect updates?

A: At least once a month.

Processes are almost complete and we shall all soon realise what a great investment we have all made. Let us hang in there!

For enquiries please feel free to contact taniel@coverocknewdev.co.za or call 043 726 1109.






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