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East London youth share their insight on reading and technology

Noah Honey, Grade 6, Hudson Park Primary School

"I read every night for about half an hour before bed and on weekends between one and two hours. I enjoy reading books.

I don’t normally buy them because I read old books that my Dad has read.

I read in English and I would enjoy books as gifts but in the meantime, Technology helps us a lot.

I use my cell phone, but you should not over use it and you must not be on technology devices before bed.

Reading helps develop the brain and is good for young children; while technology 'fries your brain' and does no good with developing the body".

Ovayo Mavonana, Grade 7, Hudson Park Primary School

"I read for various reasons, to improve my vocabulary and knowledge, to understand and comprehend the different stages of life and to escape reality. I buy myself books and my family members also buy me books. I would prefer a book over any other type of gift. I read in English, Spanish and IsiXhosa.

If I cannot find a book in the library, I download it onto my phone, tablet, laptop or my school Chrome book.

I read the newspaper on a weekly basis and I prefer articles that give us factual information or tell us what’s new in politics".

Amkitha Fani, Grade 4, Hudson Park Primary School

"I do read, I’m obsessed with books and reading. My favourite book is ‘Thabo, The Space Dude’ and ‘Rainbow Magic Fair’. I don’t really want books as gifts; I once got a book for Christmas, called ‘Happy Howlidays’.

It was about a dog trying to save Christmas day and Thanks Giving. It has some weird words because it is a dog trying to be human. I read in English and isiXhosa.

Ever since technology came along, we haven’t been reading books as much as we were used to. When I read newspapers, I want to hear about schools and academics".

Inathi Tofu, Grade 3, Hudson Park Primary School

"I love to read lots and lots of books. My favourite series is The Magic Treehouse. My mom and I love to buy books at bookshops on a Saturday afternoon as a treat. Yes, I would love books as gifts.

I read in isiXhosa and English. I feel that cellphones and tablets shouldn’t be used for reading. Books are much more fun, but I do like to play on my tablet though.

I have read the Eastern Cape Rising Sun and I like to read about all the school activities.

I love reading and being creative and writing stories, and I enjoy playing on the computer a little bit".

Verelne Doyle, Grade 5, Parkside Primary School

"I love reading the bible and poetry. I borrow books from the library but I would like to get books as a gift. I read in English and Afrikaans.

Technology is an advantage for us because it teaches you to be independent when doing school work because we can search for information ourselves and gain better knowledge.

I do read the newspaper sometimes and I would like to read more educational stories.

I cannot get enough of reading because it is the key to education".

Jemma Van Reeken, Grade 4, Clarendon Primary School

"I do read books; I like Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Saint Clare’s.

I would love to get books as a gift because reading is fun. I feel that technology is helpful because it makes getting information for school work easier. I enjoy playing outside over playing games in the computer.

I would like to read newspapers, especially news about my school and other children".

Gabrielle Errington, Grade 7, Buffalo Flats Primary School

"I do read books, mostly stories that are for children.

I would like a book as a gift. I can read in both English and Afrikaans. I do not own a cell phone but I do use computers to watch movies and to play games. I know about the Rising Sun newspaper but I have never read it.

I would like to read stuff about children, their achievements and news about my school".

Siphesihle Lupuwana, Grade 2, Kidd’s Beach Primary School

"I like to read books about cartoons. My mother buys me books; she always says toys are for holidays. I would like to get books as a gift.

I can read in English and a little bit of Afrikaans.

I love cellphones and I use it to video call my mother.

I do not read the newspaper because I am still a child and some of the things they write are about are for adults.

I would like a book shelf to store all of my books".

Lwandi Mfazwe, Grade 3, West Bank Primary School

"I do read books; I enjoy reading children’s book like Kathy and Mark.

I would love to get books as gifts. I only read in English. I think technology is helpful, I have my own tablet that I use for finding out information and playing games.

I do not read the newspaper because I do not think I am at its reading level yet but I would love to read about sport and children’s stories.

I would like to read about soccer and rugby because those are my two favourite sports".

Miguel Raffie, Grade 3, St Johns Primary School

"I do not like reading other books; I read books that we get at school. I read in both English and Afrikaans.

I would not like to get a book as a present because I have my types of books I like and I wouldn’t be happy if someone gave me a book I do not like.

Technology is great because it is a good way to get information and it is more interesting than a book. I feel I concentrate more with it.

I do not read the newspaper but I would like to see children’s stories if I read it".

Ryno Jacobs, Grade 8.

Ryno lives in Gonubie is home-schooled.

According to his mum, Erica Jacobs, Ryno looks forward to reading the Rising Sun every week.

“With children these days preferring to be on their tablets, Jacob surprises me when he reads books, magazines and the Rising Sun newspaper,” said Erica.

This 14-year-old likes reading stories about the world and the history about cars.

He is grateful that his mom likes to buy him good second-hand books.

Yolanda Magibisela, 13, Qaqamba primary school

"I love reading, I get books from the city library in town. I am currently reading two books, The Shack and The Invitation.

So far, I have finished two books.

When you finish, its as if you have lost a friend, until you get a new one.

The content of the books outside school fascinates me because it talks about a world, I do not know but can look forward to".

Zewande Mantyi, 9, of Selborne Primary

Zewande marvels at the monthly isiXhosa edition, Lathitha Ilanga, during a visit to Eastern Cape Rising Sun offices with his father, Thabo Mantyi.

He likes news when it’s dramatic and when it is about his favourite soccer team, PSG from Paris.

“I want to be able to read newspapers in isiXhosa. I speak the language at home with my father, my mum, and aunt, I wanna speak like them”.






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