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EL beaches and Ebuhlanti closed

Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor Xola Pakati on Wednesday announced that East London’s popular hangout spot, Ebuhlanti will be closed with immediate effect to encourage and support minimal social interaction. All East London beaches will also be closed off to masses.

All events and activities which have more than 100 people, including funerals, restaurants and night clubbing are discouraged or they should consider limiting numbers. Approval for sporting events and activities of a similar nature will not be granted.

The Mayor added that there are no measures to ensure this happens, but people must know that it is their responsibility to adhere to these measures for their own safety.

“Members of the public who visit our facilities such as the East London Zoo, the Aquarium, the Gonubie Resort and Kiwane Resort will have to sign a declaration form of their travel and health condition,” announced Pakati.

Citizens are encouraged to pay their accounts online and on mobile in order to minimise physical contact with others. Pakati added that there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Buffalo City and the Eastern Cape, but people must not be comfortable.

“Our country is tense, with high levels of fear and anxiety due to the Coronavirus outbreak which has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation. I have established a high-level committee that will meet regularly to implement measures that are aimed at containing the virus across Buffalo City Metro,” he assured.

BCMM will ensure that awareness materials are displayed for members of the public in all strategic locations in the City and within the municipality advising the necessity for adherence to the protocols of Covid-19. Awareness campaigns in social media platforms, local community radio stations and other relevant media platforms will be rolled out.

The municipality will further redirect catering and refreshments funds for the purchase of sanitisers, gloves, masks and soap but only for their frontline staff and other relevant employees.

“Non-essential meetings that are beyond 100 will be suspended as well as travel outside the municipality except on exceptional circumstances and those trips will only be approved by the City Manager. Travelling by municipal employees will only be within municipal boundaries,” he declared.

Pakati discouraging the panicked buying of food and other supplies in the shops.






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