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EL businesses take charge

By Khuthala Nandipha

Car Connexion, a Bonnie Doon vehicle sales shop has been cleaning the streets of East London for a year, using their own funds and resources. The difference is starting to show and local businesses are showing interest in partnering with David Bernstein and his team of 15.

The company has volunteered to advice other businesses that wish to adopt a street around Buffalo City. They are going as far as providing spades, brooms, weed eaters and other tools to make it easier.

“We can lend them the necessary tools and we even know where to get hard working guys. We drive around Buffalo City a lot and when we see areas that are littered and bushy, we make sure we return to it. This is our way of giving back to the community. It has nothing to do with the state of the municipality. We do not wish to get involved in politics as we just want to live in a clean city, so we will do it ourselves,” emphasised Bernstein.

Last year the team that employs at least 10 workers per street, cleaned up about 20 streets. This year they have already tackled Western Avenue, Vincent just outside the government ambulance building, Dyer road outside the Municipal transport truck service depo building, Cheltenham road at the entrance of Clarendon Primary school and last week they cleaned up Linaria drive in Vincent Heights.

“Trailrite joined the project this week and with the 30 000 followers we have on Facebook, we are certain that more businesses will get on board. If we get 20 companies tackling one or two streets, the impact will be massive,” he added.

“We hired a great bunch of hard-working gents to assist us in cleaning. They are doing an amazing job transforming areas. The Municipality building in Dyer Road was looking so run down but now it looks fabulous. Adopt a street and get our beautiful city in tip-top shape.”

Feedback from locals have been that of being grateful, encouraging and wanting to join the movement. Jacqui Keys summed up what most people have said, “What a difference. Looking good. Well done to everyone.”

Janice Ley, a resident who follows the project said, “Well done Car Connection, but would it not be nice if every business owner and tenants took pride in their own pavement and just tidied up themselves. What a major difference this would make to this awesome town we call home.” Hlonela Maqakalana said, “Where and when is your next street? I need to burn some fat with some garden tools.”

To adopt a street call any of these numbers: Ivan - 072 160 5330, Xolela - 072 688 2224 or David - 082 451 3626.







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