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Eyes and a smile that will steal your heart

By Sinazo Kleinveldt

Logan Trevor Bartle, is a two-year-old boy who was born 13 weeks prematurely, weighing only 760 grams. Logan’s one lung collapsed days after birth, causing a lack of oxygen to his brain.

In his first months of life, he was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, a medical condition that prevents the normal development of motor function and causes jerky movements, muscle tightness and joint stiffness.

With this muscle disorder, his little body does not cooperate with his brain, and he needs a walking ring to help support his back and his legs. “Unfortunately, as he grows, the walking ring is becoming too small for him and it tipples over”, Logan's mother, Hayley Bartle said.

Tubs Lingham of Pot ‘O Curry, who is a family friend, started the ‘Keep Logan’s Smile’ campaign, after finding out how expensive the mobile walker for Logan would be.

After contacting some of his friends who are involved with charity organizations, they set up a Facebook account, hosting campaigns in which people can buy merchandise that will help to fund the walker.

The walker will enable Logan to be mobile and to feel as though he walking around by himself, unassisted.

It will train his legs to be active while he exercises together with Mr. Gary Bolton, of Bolton and Associates, who specialise in orthotics and prosthetics.

Hayley, Logan's mother, said that as Logan is now growing up, it is difficult to leave him on the couch when she needs to attend to something else.

Hayley wants her son to be mobile and be able to move around the house without worrying that he might fall. The new walker will also have pelvis bands to assist him to walk on around on his own, safely.

Logan’s mother would like to thank all the sponsors for their support and assistance with her son’s needs.

These companies include Venom Pit Snake Park, Bolton and Associates, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Touchless, M4 Couriers, Davidson International cc, Studio Bay Photographic Lifestyle, 57 on Pearce Pub and Grill, ADZ Electrical and Lighting, EWB Electrical wholesale in Butterworth, Morgan Bay Hotel, The Vocal Local, Legacy properties, NATES car sales, COVID-19 Relief Team, 2 Brothers Pizza, Nomads Bowling Club, Shape up gym, The Bridge Sport Bar, Custom Clocks and Sandblasting, the local yokels project and Pot ‘O Curry.

The campaign effort is still running on Facebook, where all funds from the purchase of a touch-less gadget, go directly to the Logan’s Smile campaign to assist with the cost of the walker, as well as his outstanding hospital bills.

The cost for Logan’s walker, which includes reverse walker, ankle-foot orthosis, swash pelvic band, leg bars and tight cuffs, amounts to in excess of R50 000.

Logan’s Smile is calling on the community to help Logan to be as mobile as possible by donating to this initiative.

They are also requesting people to share the Facebook Page and like the posts. Donations can be made to the following bank account, where all the funds will go directly to Logan's care.


BANK: FNB, ACC: 62822075281






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