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Fantasy Indoor League focuses on development

High flying Allesandro Du Plessis is a natural talent.

Fantasy Indoor League invited Highlands Park trials at Jan Smuts Stadium giving PSL opportunities to more than 90 juniors and senior players.

By half time, Coach Osher received offers for four U/13s and over five senior players were asked to a retrial.

High flying Allesandro Du Plessis was the highlight of the day when he saved a penalty and what would have been a brilliant free-kick.

"Allesandro is a natural talent. He came to me and said he wants to go pro. He left his previous academy joined us and four months later I have seen enough, now the young man is off to Highlands Park subject to his parents' approval,” said Coach Osher.

Fantasy Indoor League is the new kids on the block in East London.

For years the Eastern Cape has been neglected in terms of international opportunities and had a lack of development.

The '6-a-side' style training is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

The Academy is not officially open but has been trading for the last six months.

During that period they sent 3 U/13s to Barcelona to represent South Africa in the Futsal World Cup.

Coach Osher than formed part of the local LFA where he took over as Care Taker coach until today his team has never lost a game.

The 34-year-old personally joined halfway through the season and scored 19 goals and seven assists making him top goal scorer for the season for his club. Coach Osher said anyone can start an academy but you need to be with the one that brings you actual development and actual opportunities.

“We didn't invent soccer we learn every day, however, we can take players places and that is what we bringing to the Eastern Cape. From the two little courts on the rooftop at Hemingways Mall we will keep bringing life-changing opportunities,” said coach Osher who is nicknamed ‘Love R9', after his hero Ronaldo.


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