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Ferocious Tiger fish at Cahora Bassa

Andrew Sparg, Jason Kumm and Russell Addison with a treble of Tigers.

By John Luef

I had the privilege of being invited along with eight other local anglers to go Tiger fishing in the great Cahora Bassa Dam in Northern Mozambique.

The excitement built over the preceding three months when pictures were coming in on social media of huge Tigers being caught. Eventually, the time arrived and after two short flights to Johannesburg and then on to Tete and finally a four-hour bus trip, we arrived at the beautiful resort of Moringa Bay on the South Eastern shore of Cahora Bassa.

We were shown to our lovely chalets, where we all wasted no time in unpacking and preparing for our first of six action-packed fishing days starting the next morning. The nine of us split up into three boats with skippers provided and the action started almost immediately.

On only my second cast with a spinnerbait, I got absolutely smashed and nearly had the rod pulled out of my hand. If this was what it was all about, we were in for one awesome fishing experience. That’s exactly what happened, over the next six days we fished from half-past five in the morning until six pm, only stopping for a braai at lunchtime on any nearby island.

All caught many Tigerfish weighing over 4kg with the biggest fish landed by Andrew Sparg, a monster of 8.8kg. Tigerfish always hit the lure with ferocious aggression and if you are lucky enough to set the hook, you are in for an awesome ride as they jump high out of the water shaking their heads aggressively trying to shake the hook while your reel screams as they head for the nearest rock or bunch of reeds. This happens a few times before you can get the fish to the boat and net it, what a fight!

The going was very tough with temperatures soaring to 45 degrees in the day and not cooling down very much at night but the fishing was out of this world. We estimated that over 700 Tigers were caught and released in the six days we fished. The time flew by and our wonderful trip came to an end.

Gail who manages Moringa Bay Lodge can be very proud of her place as we were well looked after from beginning to end. I would just like to thank Dennis Ford for arranging the trip, we have only been back 3 days and the next trip is already being planned.

Pictured is Dennis Ford with yet another large Tiger fish.

Pictured is Andrew Sparg with his 8.8kg Tiger Fish.






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