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Fire destroys shelters, over 114 left homeless

More than 114 people are left homeless and without shelter after a raging fire destroyed 40 shacks and three houses in Parkridge this week, mainly due to the strong winds and dry conditions.

The Buffalo City Metro Fire Department is urging the community to exercise caution as they have been battling an average of 30 fires per day since the start of June.

A total of 828 emergency calls have been recorded and attended to from June to 14 July.

To add to the challenges of fires caused by human carelessness, the Municipality is also facing a huge challenge of illegal connections which are hazards awaiting to happen.

The Municipality’s law enforcement authorities have teamed up with the security cluster to tackle the situation and they are removing an average of 300 illegal connections per week.

The City urges the public not to leave candles or paraffin lamps unattended and always be cautious by:

● Extinguish candles or paraffin before leaving the room or going to sleep,

● Always keep candles and paraffin lamps out of the reach of children,

● Keep candles and paraffin lamps in the centre of the table, away from curtains, papers and other combustible items as well as avoid illegal electrical connections.

● Refrain from making veld fires or burning grass

The Municipality has an operational staff capacity of 144 employees at the City's Fire and Rescue Services with an average of 32 fire fighters [all ranks] on a shift.

Fire engines that are operational at present are: 6 Major pumpers; 5 Bush tenders and 2 Aerial appliances.

The public can contact the Fire and Rescue Services for the entire Buffalo City area at 043 705 9000 as soon as they see any fire before serious damages can occur.


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