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First women auctioneer shares success

I have been an auctioneer for over six years and a business owner for two years. Being a woman in a “man’s world” is not easy, but I have learnt many valuable lessons. If something is your passion, go for it, don’t be discouraged regardless of what the crowd is screaming.

I had to prove myself over and over again as my customer database always has new people depending on the area. You have to be confident, resilient and believe in your abilities. My motivation comes from living my passion. It makes work much easier and more enjoyable.

I have wonderful friends that support me and my customers and suppliers have been awesome. I am involved in many community projects and I assist with fundraisers that are close to my heart.

My dad always taught us that with every elderly person’s passing, we lose a library filled with knowledge that can never be learnt from books. With every broken child, the world suffers a little more, and without compassion for animals, your soul will never grow.

My advice to female business owners or start-ups is ‘find yourself an honest mentor, surround yourself with strong people, live your beliefs and passion, and be prepared to make mistakes. Be prepared for the bad times, and never back off from a challenge’.

Failure is just another opportunity to re-invent yourself. Make time for friendships, family, treasure the advice of others, but only take from it what you really need. Always make time for introspection and look after yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

The Lord has Blessed me and my business, we have done many successful auctions over the past two years including government, parastatals, as well as private business and individuals and 4 Auctions has become a well-known competitor in the auction market.

I took part in the National auctioneering championship, being the only female, I ended in fourth place. I was voted onto the board of directors for the South African Institute of Auctioneers. Female auctioneers bring a whole new facet to the auction arena, building consumer trust and enticing more females to enter this profession.

Ciena Bester, Owner of 4 Auctions


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