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Former addicts aim to help through new Drug Centre

Four brothers, from Vincent, East London, have started an anti-drug campaign to educate communities on the dangers of substance abuse.

The initiative started when three of the brothers, who are recovering drug addicts, joined a program that they were introduced to by their eldest brother.

With common misbehavior tactics adopted by drug addicts; resorting to stealing and getting aggressive towards family to fulfill their addiction, the brothers were given ultimatums by their family.

Families just like that of the Four Brothers, are emotionally exhausted with having to tell a drug addict to sort out their life. Families end up chasing them away because of emotional abuse.

For one of the brothers, this was a wake-up call, he joined the program that helped him, which uses the seven steps to recovery.

The Four Brothers found this program very useful and are in preparation to open a drug rehabilitation center that will use the same program to help the youth that are strangled by drugs.

Their first campaign was held at Parkridge, on November 24. “We had 6 walk-ins that came in who were looking for help” said the older brother. They took in one of the drug addicts to help him in his journey to recovery. “We had to take him to our family home because the rehabilitation center is not running yet,” he added.

The awareness campaigns are not only for drug addicts, but also for families of drug addicts, and recovering drug addicts, to educate them on how to help their loved ones during this time. “The community also needs to understand that drug addiction is a disease. Although we know people in our communities who suffer from drug addiction, people do not want to speak out about their loved ones who are drug addicts, because of the stigma associated with addicts," explained the elder brother.

After 16 years of doing drugs, none of them found a way out. This is one of the reasons why they want to introduce this program in East London, which is not religious but designed living for drug addicts and recovering addicts.

"We want to form a strong bond that no one can break. We want to make it fun to be a recovering addict. This is not something to be ashamed of. We just want addicts to be ashamed of their current behavior,” said one of the recovering brothers.

We want to create a brotherhood, by brotherhood we do not mean that ladies are not welcome, but from our experience, we have dealt with more men than women.

The brotherhood is for people to enjoy their journey, have someone who has gone on the same road as them to have to look up to.

The workshops are open for everyone who wishes to attend.






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East London, Eastern Cape

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