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Girl power!

Clarendon Primary School celebrated the first day of 2020 with much excitement with the launch of the #likeagirl campaign based on a popular sanitary advert that challenges the stereotypes of what it means to do something like a girl.

New girls were welcomed and old friends reunited as they all got involved in many activities aimed at helping girls discover their hidden superpowers and strength.

“For Clarendon, to be #likeagirl means to be brave enough to follow dreams; strong enough not to quit; kind enough to protect the dreams of others; and wise enough to know that we are enough just the way we are,” according to Nolene Dixon of Clarendon.

Excitement erupts as the first bell for 2020 rings.
Pictured are Clarendon teachers getting ready to launch #likeagirl in assembly.
Dr Melanie Drake, Clarendon Primary School principal (fourth from left), welcomes girls at the school entrance.
Old friends happy to reunite after the long holidays.
Excited Grade 4s arrive at their new school.






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