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Gonubie biker to race at Championships in Harare

The adrenaline chasing Breece Romans (14) from Selborne College will race at the FIM African MXOAN Continental Championship in Zimbabwe from August 31 to September 1.

He will be competing in the 125cc team which features bigger bikes with bigger engines. Romans came fourth place in the 85cc team in the 2018 competition, his first international competition that September.

“I started riding six years ago, most of my friends ride so it’s been something I grew up doing and I have gotten used to and it is something I would like to do in the long run as I am passionate about it,” he said excitedly.

Although Romans acknowledges the dangers associated with riding and has fallen off his bikes before; he has not sustained any major injuries from his beloved sport. There are no particular safety measures that are taken in this sport besides the usual safety gear and racing on a clear mind.

“While you wait to start riding it is a bit scary, I must admit; but as soon as I ride I forget about that and I concentrate on the race. It is really exciting,” he enthused. The Donnybrook Park in Zimbabwe is excited and ready to have the best riders in Africa on their Harare based race track. “Our team has been working under a lot of pressure, understandably, but despite our little challenges here in Zimbabwe, we are not slowing down in our efforts to provide a facility that will make the FIM Africa proud,” said Rick Goby of Zimbabwe Motorcross.

South Africa won the competition last year and has won most of the championships. However, Zimbabwe will be giving the competition its best as the host nation. Romans is the only participant from East London out of all 41 competitors from South Africa.

Brett Romans, Breece’s father travels with him in all his competitions and always ensures that they have fun. “I am proud that he has come this far, no matter what the outcome, I know he will have had fun and enjoyed the competition,” said Brett.

Breece Romans (14) from Gonubie will race at the FIM African MXOAN Continental Championship in Harare, Zimbabwe from August 31 to September 1. South Africa will be competing against Kenya, Zimbabwe, Morrocco, Uganda, Zambia and Botswana.





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