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Grahamstown gripped by crime

By Khuthala Nandipha

The Makhanda community and local police are involved in a social media spate over lack of protection during ‘rampant’ daily house break-ins in Makhanda townships.

Families and single women are living in fear and do not sleep as they stay in combat mode.

They have resorted to reporting on-going break ins at the wee hours of the morning on the Grahamstown/Makhanda Facebook page, where they get advised to call the local security company.

In April, May and June household appliances such as flatscreen TVs, microwaves, laptops and cellphones have been stolen during each robbery. So far, no one has been physically harmed.

Buseka Sinekelo says she is being victimised inside her own home.

“We sleep like chickens, scared and anxious. We need to find these maphara (drug addict) boys. I have not slept in days, every noise I hear, I wake up to check if there is a break-in,” she said.

They boil water with oil before they sleep to throw at the robbers. Andile Twani urged the community to make an example of at least one culprit because even if they are arrested, they will be back on the streets.

According to police spokesperson Captain Khaya Tonjeni, they don’t ‘think’ there has been more than usual break ins.

“Our numbers don't display a dramatic increase or higher compared to other months at about the same time. Our members are doing patrols and we implore the community to utilise our numbers to report crime. Anyone having problems with 10 111 please use of 046 6039152, 046 6039146, and 046 603 9492,” said Tonjeni.

A local cop, who has since removed the post, advised disgruntled residents to lay complaints to the national police office.

He warned community members to reprimand their own children when they come home with money or new possessions, stolen from the neighbours.

A patrol group was set up during a community public meeting on Sunday. It will serve to boost the efforts of the police.

No refuse collection as Makana closes for Covid 19

Residents were stranded with uncollected refuse after the Makana Municipality closed down on June 1 until July 1 to due to Covid 19 cases of employees.

A message from Makana Communications Office read: “Please be advised that refuse will not be collected until further notice.

Residents are requested to keep their refuse inside their yards. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

“Makhanda, a relatively quiet and clean town has been taken over by sewage spills, weeks of uncollected refuse,” said Siphumezo Menzi, a resident.

This, however has boosted the local refuse collection industry with local companies availing their services, for those that can afford.

Companies such as We Move It collect two to 12 bags for R50. Green Drums offers drum rental packages that are collected weekly.

“Makana Municipality had four confirmed cases from Water and Sanitation and a suspected case from Cleansing. On discovering these cases, workers from both sections stopped working fearing infections. This has led to the interruption of basic services like water supply and non-collection of refuse. All the affected work stations are being deep cleaned and decontaminated,” said Yoliswa Ramakolo, spokesperson for the Municipality.

All essential services will resume this week especially refuse collection and all municipal offices will open on July 1, 2020 with limited staff and hours to avoid congestion.






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