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“He slaughtered her...”

Siblings Busisiwe, Thabo and Phumla Ngwadla in happier times.

“Justice will be served. Matika will die in prison, he is not coming back. I will make sure that he gets the deeper end of justice.”- Thabo, brother of the slain mother, Busisiwe Ngwadla (37).

On Monday the Ngwadla and Matika families, the public and journalists were thrown out of the East London Magistrate Court after a confrontation between murder accused Ayanda Matika’s family and Thabo Ngwadla, brother to slain Busisiwe. Thabo claims that the Matika family intimidated and threatened him. The court proceedings were finalised in a closed court.

Matika (50) appeared in court after he was ‘supposedly’ sent for a mental evaluation in August. Last month he was scheduled to go to the Fort England Psychiatric hospital in Makhanda for an intensive mental evaluation. This follows his claim during his bail application in July/August that he ‘blacked out’ when he stabbed Busisiwe.

The Court heard that Matika did not go owing to shortages of beds. Matika’s lawyer Bongani Macingwane argued against his mental evaluation demanding detailed reasons for such a decision. According to the provincial National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), “The State wants to satisfy itself that he is fit to stand trial. Unfortunately, there are no beds, the hospital is full because there are a lot of people that are unwell out there,” said spokesperson, Luxolo Tyali.

Thabo simply cannot accept this.

“Monday was horrible, I left the court with a massive headache. We, as a family did not provoke anyone, we just want state authorities to do their job. The state cannot claim there are no beds in Fort England, if they want to evaluate this man, they must just do it and spare me the lame excuses of lack of adequate infrastructure.”

Busisiwe Ngwadla (37) is remembered as the daughter who had an admirable relationship with all members of her family, but particularly her brother and grandmother. “Yhoo uBusi, umntanasekhaya. We grew up with our grandmother mostly. When we started living on our own, we drove together to our rural home in Alice where my ‘Master Chef’ sister would cook up a storm and ensure that every gathering is characterised by good food and special care for elders. My sister, moving up and down, working hard to please everybody,” recalls Thabo.

When Thabo heard about his sister’s passing in February 2019, he immediately took his granny and mother to the doctor to be sedated for the shock.

“My grandmother wanted the earth to open up and swallow her. I had to get them sedated immediately. This, I had to do again after the funeral because they were falling apart. The women who gave birth to us were inconsolable,” said the young man who has had to shelve his own pain to take care of a family that is undergoing therapy to deal with their loss.

Nine months after his sister was stabbed 13 times to death in her Amalinda flat by her boyfriend, Thabo is yet to get a moment of silence to grieve for his best friend.

“The law has shown no sense of urgency in dealing decisively with the slaughtering of my sister. I am so angry that a case that is over-spilling with evidence, including a confession from the accused, is dragging to the detriment of my family. I simply cannot accept this,” he lashed out on Friday.

A visibly strained man, Thabo says he cannot sleep as he is haunted by the publicly circulated image of his sister lying naked in a pool of blood.

“My life will never be the same. I am so angry.” said an emotional Thabo Ngwadla. The case has, once again, been postponed to October 22.


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