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Honour Madiba's legacy...

We remember the smile and dance, but most of all, we remember his message through the life he led and what he taught us during his 67 years of fighting for social justice.

No doubt, Tata Madiba united us.

Not just our rainbow nation, but the world over through his fight for freedom and leading us into a fair democratic society.

As an iconic freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela is respected and celebrated globally for showing the world that he could create a new South Africa, dismantle Apartheid and keep the peace amongst citizens while tackling inequality and poverty.

This is not news to us, but we have to continuously remind ourselves of why the Father of our Nation fought all his life for - "to make the world we live in a better place."

What are you doing this Mandela Day?

Mandela Day will be commemorated again this Saturday, (July 18) and is a call to honour Madiba's legacy through "service to one's fellow human."

As you celebrate the idea of Mandela Day, remember that each individual has the ability to make an impact and the power to transform the world.

We also do not have to wait for Mandela Day, we can start right now. No matter how small, every little bit counts - Owen Krause's story on Page 3 is one such case. Share your photographs of Mandela Day activities on our social media or digital platforms. Take action, inspire change, and make every day a Mandela Day!

Eastern Cape Rising Sun, Managing Director, Nishal Rampersadh


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