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Hospice Spring market

Pictured are some of the stall owners and organisers who made the pop-up market a remarkable success.

By St. Bernard's Hospice East London

WOW. The first ever Spring Pop - Up Market to take place at our Charity Shop was a huge success and tremendous fun.

It certainly was heart-warming to see the amazing support from the 35 stall owners, many customers and St Bernard’s Hospice Nursing and Admin Staff.

The goal of our Spring Pop Up Market was to connect local creators with the community while providing a low-cost space for emerging creative business owners; increase the foot count to the Charity Shop and finally to help with sales.

The added benefit was that folk who did not know about our Charity Shop visited the Market and have now become regular customers.

When our In-Patient Unit closed down at the end of 2013 there is a misconception that Hospice closed down.

It is therefore imperative that we let as many people as possible know that we are in fact still in existence.

We will most certainly make this an annual event, and who knows, maybe more that once a year.

I would also like to thank the staff who donated their time to make it the success it was. The feedback from stallholders on Monday was extremely positive.

In total, we raised +- R8,500.

For more information, please contact Dawn Schmidt who breathed life and organised this fantastic event: fundraising@stbh.org.za or Marchel Grant - fundraising1@stbh.org.za


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