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How Ramdhin freed her spirit after being gang-raped

Updated: Jan 28

Eastern Cape Rising Sun reached out to Manisha Ramdhin who visited us in Vincent to share her incredible journey so far.

By Khuthala Nandipha

Manisha Ramdhin (38) spent her teens harbouring a secret of pain and violation. Gang-raped at 14, the mother of two says her high school years were miserable because she had not shared her secret with her family, she had yet to begin her healing journey.

“I hated school; my childhood was turbulent. I kept the secret for 14 years, I just blocked it out and tried to pursue my best life,” said Ramdhin. Born in Natal, she moved with her family to East London in Grade 7 and went on study for a Bachelor of Commerce at Rhodes University, Makhanda. Ramdhin says her secret of violation, which she revealed at age 28, has led to everything her life is about right now; that of a ‘free spirit’.

“I have been on a journey to heal myself. At the age of 20, I stumbled upon a book called Mind Power by Robin Banks. I held on to the principles of this book; ‘Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it is forced to achieve’, and that became my Mantra,” she recalls with a shy smile. She repeated this quote every day for 18 years. This, she says, helped her to do a bucket list when she was 20.

Upon the list was travelling to 40 countries by the age of 40. She is sitting pretty at 25 countries and will embark on a worldwide journey sometime in 2020. She has skydived, bungee jumped and at 28 she studied life coaching; conscious coaching. During this process, she decided to take time out from building a perfect professional life; her idea of success. She questioned her life and wondered why she, as a good person, was gang-raped at such a young age.

“I realised that my pain can give birth to a bigger purpose; helping millions of people find their life purpose and heal. I decided that no one will ever hold me down, take a piece of me away and steer me in a direction that God did not intend,” she enthuses.

After giving birth to her first child, she lost 33 kilograms through a strict fitness routine. After her second child in 2017, she lost another 33 kilograms and became a fitness enthusiast, something she considers to be a big part of self-development. This is the work that she does under her online company, Adventurous Mommy where she focuses on developing women and girl children to bring out the best in them.

On February 1, she is hosting her first-ever Fire Walk and life coach experience in Gonubie from 9am until 7pm, assisted by Cobus Visser, certified master Firewalking instructor, and life coach trainer.

Ramdhin took part in the 2019 docu-series Thrivors, hosted in Swellendam, after she was nominated by an East Londoner to be one of the eight leaders to take part in the Survivor-like show. It happens over 21 days within a challenged South African community that the leaders seek to uplift and inspire. It focuses on people who want healthy love, good health and vitality, success and rewarding feelings while doing their life mission and vocation.

The East London fire walk will see participants from as far as Cape Town join a group of 150 people that will set their souls on fire. The day will also seek to assist participants to find their life purpose, talent, their unique set of skills that they bring to the world, setting goals and having a plan for their lives.

“In my first fire walk, I was confident, my mind power was in tune. When you walk you have to self-analyse, and I realised that my purpose was too small. I started thinking bigger. No matter what the obstacle, with mind power you can conquer the walk of life.”

She quit her father’s accounting firm two years ago and focused on her business which she runs from home while raising two children. This year she started homeschooling her oldest son and says the rewards are already visible. When she is not working or exercising at home, she is writing her first book, Free Spirit.

Manisha Ramdhin went on a weight loss journey that inspired her work as a life coach.


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