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“I won’t rest until my sister gets justice”

A blurred memory during happier times for Thabo Ngwadla pictured with his sister, Busisiwe who was stabbed 13 times in another murder case of gender based violence.

Thabo Ngwadla, the loving brother of murdered Busisiwe Ngwadla (30) who was stabbed 13 times, is disappointed at the lack of urgency from the state in dealing with the case, which is draining the family.

He warned earlier in the year, that if the state does not deal decisively with murderers, more and more women will be killed. He shared exclusively with the Eastern Cape Rising Sun this week.

“These are troubling times for us as a family. This case is a drag, at least by now we would have been relieved if sentencing was close, but be that as it may, we have not even reached the trial. We feel that this is deliberately being dragged by the suspected ‘killer’ and his lawyers,” claims Ngwadla.

“The murder accused, Ayanda Matika (50) was arrested in March 2019 based on strong evidence; the confession voice note that went viral and there are WhatsApp screenshots of the conversations between him and my sister leading up to the murder. I had to call Minister Bheki Cele in order for this arrest to happen,” he explains.

“We have been informed that the perpetrator has unrestricted cellphone access and he keeps changing sim cards inside prison. Why is the law entertaining all of this?” alleged Ngwadla.

Matika will be booked into the government funded Fort England Psychiatric Hospital in Makhanda for an intensive mental evaluation by three state appointed doctors.

This follows his claim during his bail application in July/August that he ‘blacked out’ when he stabbed Busisiwe 13 times in their Amalinda flat in February 2019.

According to the provincial National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), “The State wants to satisfy itself ahead of his trial, that he is fit to stand and to ensure that he can no longer make the same ‘black out’ claim,” ensured spokesperson, Luxolo Tyali.

“He will be placed under heavy security during his stay at the hospital. Court will resume on October 7, where his results will be announced and a trial date will be set.

The family must not panic, this is a means to ensure that the trial runs smoothly without any mental questions,” assured Tyali.


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