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Karting Series enters Round 4 on July 6

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Round 4 of the S2R Corporate Karting Series will take place on July 6 with practice starting at 9am and qualifying at noon.

The 2019 race format has an exciting twist. Still staying with two one hour events, where each team is obliged to make three compulsory pit stops to allow for driver changes. Heat 2 is now run in the opposite direction.

This demands a whole new level of skill from the drivers as they cope with the slightly unfamiliar spectacle of an anti-clockwise circuit. No practice is allowed in the anti-clockwise direction except for a 20-minute qualifying session in the reverse direction after Heat 1.

Round three saw several new teams making their debut, namely Ardees, King Fire Services and RSC. Ugies’ Team Diesel Electric will be hoping to capitalise on their recent form where they snatched pole position from the Choudrees’ Team Doctor last time out, with Ardees surprising with an incredible 4th place on their debut. Contact Geoff Stephen at geoff@stephen2racing.co.za, or Neil Stephen, at neil@stephen2racing.co.za, or check out our Facebook page, stephen2racing.

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