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Kidd’s Beach, developing fast

Having moved from Queenstown (eKomani) to Kidd’s Beach with the family, two parents, a teenager and a toddler in December 2016 was frustrating and exciting at the same time. I worried about a lot, whether this was the best move for me and my family, how safe will we be, and how convenient is the area to our daily needs.

My wife and I took this decision together, but as a husband I felt I needed to assure the whole family that we will be ‘ok’ even though this was not certain. However, the moment we arrived in the neighbourhood, the neighbours and our colleagues welcomed us warmly and we immediately felt at home.

The environment is just a drop of heaven, with the amenities in close proximity and I can tell my wife is happy to have a Shopping Centre a walk away. The Private School nearby ensures that my kids to continue with their studies smoothly and peacefully.

Furthermore, just being within walking distance from the Indian Ocean which is breath taking; being part of a community that values a healthy lifestyle is a great advantage with yoga and park-runs on Saturdays. The new developments show promise of a beautifully growing town that will soon be packed with activities and tourism.

My wife and I recently ventured into property as a career, and I can attest that it is not just my family that is enjoying this beautiful place but our clients as well. Professionally speaking, the neighbourhood offers families options to appreciate and enjoy from the wildlife, wild trees, the super clean family beach, sea views with the sea breeze and the constant greenery all seasons.

More developments will introduce property products of value for owners whether you are a professional youth, retired, from outside the province even as an international investor. too.

The growth in property value is quiet attractive as we annually introduce new phases and development within the Green Estate Development which has all the amenities as well creating a platform where our clients can buy at an affordable rate and gain great value in return for their investment.

Submitted by Bulelani and Ziyanda Mdlela

Bulelani and Ziyanda Mdlela enjoy the tranquility of Kidds Beach in their new family home, with their four-year-old daughter, Khulani.






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