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Long queues at liquor outlets

Bottle stores, pubs, and bars officially opened to trade yesterday and as expected there were queues of people in line at most bottle stores in East London. Eastern Cape Rising Sun reporter, Zolile Mate witnessed long queues around liquor stores.

Economists believe that this will give the economy a boost. However, liquor businesses are expected to follow all lockdown regulations and trade under strict conditions with no on-site consumption of liquor at pubs and bars. 

It seemed quite chaotic as pensioners also waited in queues to collect their grants in East London. One of the liquor store managers said, "We thank the President for giving us this opportunity to return to our work and to assist in boosting our economy during these challenging times."

"We are ready to serve our customers and are complying with all lockdown regulations. We marked our floor for social distancing from the time the customers wait outside till the time they enter the bottle store. Our staff welcomes them at the entrance making sure their hands are sanitized. All customers are expected to be wearing a mask or are denied entry into the bottle store," added the manager. 

Xolisa Sango of Duncan village said, "I am so glad that this day arrived. It's been a long dry period with alcohol being banned. I just want to carry one pack of Castle and go home and chill. That is all." 

On the other hand, there was a concern as raised by Thabo Mongali who said, "With the sale of alcohol, we may witness more crimes and domestic-related violence which is a big problem in our country." 

With increasing numbers of people testing positive with Covid-19, Thabo Mongameli, waiting in the queue to be served his alcohol, believes that the numbers are expected to rise. 

So far, 22,583 people have been infected with Coronavirus, killing 429 people in the country. 






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