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Men speak out at gender violence: Satanism has taken over us”

Pictured is a student protesting during a gender based violence march held in East London last Wednesday.

During a gender violence protest march attended by over 500 students from the University of Fort Hare on Wednesday in East London, Eastern Cape Rising Sun spoke to three men that came to support the call for justice for victims.

The men, in their 20s, claim that recent acts of violence by men are proof of Satanism that has taken over men across the country.

Speaking outside the East London police station on Fleet Street, men urged their fellow men to not allow Satan to use them to inflict unbearable pain to women they are supposed to love and protect.

Bukho Mkhanqa

The incidents that have been reported over what was supposed to be a month to appreciate women are gruesome. The manner in which these men have violated and executed women, most close to them, is a clear indication that there is an evil force that has taken over the male gender.

Investigations into these cases must be tightened. Our government must hire private companies to assist with investigations to ensure that everyone found guilty is in fact guilty. This will give strength to our call for the return of the death penalty. I would like to encourage our fellow sisters to be brave and report cases immediately so that swift action can be taken against men who abuse women.

Siya Sithelo

When men behave the way they are, it affects all of us, “men are trash” refers to all of us. We are very shocked, especially at what happened to Uyinene Mrwetyana. The way in which she was violated made me realise just how dangerous the world has become for women.

I can never claim to understand or know how women are feeling, I cannot imagine something like that happening to me. I would like to appeal to women, because its clear that men have turned into Satan, to be extra vigilant.

This popular culture of young women hooking up with older men because of their financial and material status exposes them to grave danger as these men feel like they own them and they can do whatever they wish to their bodies. Young women must understand that they are children and they need to pace themselves and live a life that is not complicated by adults.

I am not saying women must not drink, but some drink excessively and black out. Most incidents I have heard of happen during and after parties.

My girlfriend needs to watch how she dresses, its wrong but when men see a cleavage and a woman in a mini-skirt their judgement is clouded and they act on impulse. I really do not wish to dictate to my woman how she must dress, but I cannot ignore the facts.

Lwandile Nkatha

I have a girlfriend and the way I treat her has changed, I have to know her every move, if she is safe, who she is with and what time will she be going home. Women must move around in groups, stay close to trusted friends in order to stay safe. Men seem to not be in control of their actions.

I will not be hosting any parties during my term with the SRC. I would rather use the budget for developmental projects that will teach students about responsibility and respect. At these parties’ friends will claim to have ‘won’ a girl, meanwhile he is dragging her to his room, I don’t want that. The primary goal of the university is to produce academics.

These are our sisters; the law has to be harsh to all the men that have been found guilty of violating their bodies. If you rape, you must pay for this crime.


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