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Murder accused denied bail

Ayanda Matika accused of the murder of Busisiwe Ngwadla (37) was denied bail at the East London Magistrate Court on Monday, August 5.

Magistrate Luyanda Gobingca did not mince his words when he outlined that Ayanda Matika is a danger to society. He told the accused that his defense that he blacked out does not hold water. “You specifically do not remember stabbing the deceased and yet you remember everything that happened before and after. This court does not believe you,” said Gobingca. He added that the version in the voice note that Matika sent to a friend, shortly after Busisiwe was stabbed, is more believable. “You killed her because you were angry, as you say in the voice note. You did not like that she said your questions were ‘none of your business’ as you were the breadwinner in her life. I also believe her messages that you had threatened to kill her,” he concluded.

Matika’s attorney, Bongani Macingwana said they will appeal the judgement first thing on Tuesday (today). Busisiwe’s family believe that justice is slowly being served on the man who took away their second daughter. Speaking to Eastern Cape Rising Sun outside court, Busi’s father, Wonga Mbolekwa, said this is the best news they have had since February. “He has shown no remorse for killing our beloved daughter. He thinks this is a minor offence,” said the distraught father.

As the court waited for the Magistrate last week Tuesday, for day three of his bail application, Matika and his lawyer, Bongani Macingwana, were the only voices that could be heard echoing in the packed to capacity East London Magistrate courtroom. They discussed the details of the case, laughing jovially and giggling like teenage lovers. With every burst of laughter from the accused, Busisiwe’s mother, Nobubele Mbolekwa, sitting just five metres away, closed her eyes and looked up to the ceiling teary. ’s facial muscles moved as if she would allow tears to flow.

After the judgement, she smiled for the first time since the bail applications. “We know this man, we know what he is capable of, he is dangerous. He has escaped prison before, he has crimes he does not get arrested for. But mostly crucially, he knows our home. Now we can relax a bit because our lives have been turned upside down since that fateful day in February,” said Nobubele.

Gobingca said he was convinced by the state’s case and shared the same sentiments as State Prosecutor, Nozuko Notyawa that the crime was “horrendous”. Notyawa had argued that Matika could “snap and black out” somewhere else if released. “The manner in which he killed the deceased, stabbing her 13 times, not calling for medical assistance or the police but rather locking her up in the flat, how do you know that she was not still alive? Instead you left her to die alone while you caught a flight to Cape Town. This convinces us that this is not a man to be trusted with the safety of the public,” she said in her final argument.

His trial which was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 has been moved to a date that is yet to be decided, owing to his appeal.

Busisiwe Ngwadla's father, Wonga Mbolekwa, is relieved at the recent judgement.


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