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Name change: “Reconsider your hypocritical approach...”

To the Editor,

Zukile Jodwana is more than somewhat disingenuous ‘Name changes are part of transformation’, Eastern Cape Rising Sun, November 26 when he selectively chooses to travel from East London airport to King William’s Town via several European street and place names, as though he were playing Monopoly.

Should he have taken the alternative, and much shorter, route up Buffalo Pass and along the Mt Coke Road, he would have passed Ezigodlweni, Msundulo, Machibi, Ndileka, Phakamisa and Zwelitsha before arriving at his destination.

If he had done so, he would have enjoyed what might well have been, to him, a much more culturally rewarding experience.

Yet, on this route, with what is arguably a plethora of African names, there is nary a mention of Khoi names reflecting the presence of the original inhabitants of this region who were themselves colonised by the Nguni people here prior to the arrival of Europeans.

Jodwana might well be advised to reconsider his hypocritical approach which causes offence to many people.

While he might display commendable zeal, it might also be directed to matters of higher priority such as enhancing the economy of the region to uplift the many families still living in poverty after 25 years of democracy, or by simply naming streets in townships so that essential services might more easily function.

Councillor Bill Gould

DA BCMM Caucus


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