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New kits for budding stars

Matthew Peake and coach Lukanyo Mlanzeli with the Uhuru Soccer Club dressed in their brand new kit.

By Zolile Mate

After being teased and called the ‘Mbambo team’ (ribs), the soccer loving youngsters of the Uhuru Club in Nxarhuni were given a brand-new soccer kit to kickstart the 2020 season. The kit was sponsored through the work of Matthew Peake from The Helping Those in Need Foundation and the team’s coach and pastor Lukanyo Mlanzeli (42).

“We thank them so much, now we feel strong and motivated to attend training sessions. It was not nice to play with other teams without a soccer kit, with other teams looking professional. They undermined us and called us silly names. Now we will show them what Mbambo team does on the field,” said Ndimphiwe Mlahlwa, the captain of the under 13 squad.

Mlanzeli said he wants to see the youngsters happy and for them to be free of trouble, drugs and crime. “I want them to have a relationship with God and fullfill the purpose of being alive. Without God, they will not be able to lead good lives,” he said.

The team is now targeting a soccer field or a sport field where more Nxarhuni youngsters to have a chance to become the next Siya Kolisi. They also do not have a centre to do their homework, no library for research and reading, and no clinic.

Matthew and his wife, Marion Peake from the Helping Those in Need Foundation, have been supporting Uhuru with needs that are within their means. Matthew said all of this is about the love, the love he has for his wife and children.

“We want to help those who are in need of help so that they can stay away from trouble that they are exposed to everyday. Mlanzeli and us feel the same way about children, we would like to see development in this area. We also wish to have a ministry because it is needed in this community,” said Peake.

A parent, Tayitayi Hashe (54), said they are grateful to the pair for the work they are doing for the community. Sinethemba Yako (46) said the beautiful soccer kit will go a long way into the much-needed development.

Marion and Matthew were happy that the boys are in school and aim to continue making a positive contribution.

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