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Off to compete in Spain

Shane Stagg (13), Xhanti Nondaka (13) and Taachye Hendricks (13) are part of the South African team currently participating in the Futsal AMF C-13 World Cup in Catalonia, Spain from October 26 until November 3.

The trio was selected at the open trials that were held in Port Elizabeth late last year. They play for a soccer, netball and hockey academy that manages the Fantasy Indoor League, founded by Amalinda’s Osher Soetland (32) in 2018.

Soetland trains junior and senior players in Futsal, Netball and Hockey at the Hemingway’s AstroTurf situated at the roof of the mall.

He also has a boot camp. “I was involved with Futsal while I was in Johannesburg and I saw how players were given great opportunities and I wanted to bring that to East London. I was eager to enter the East London market and give young athletes a ‘piece of the pie’,” he said.

He was focused on building a close relationship with the East London community to help aspiring athletes reach their dreams by promoting sporting activities.

The academy is open Monday to Friday and has five leagues playing every day, with more than 18 teams participating. The organisation prides itself on nurturing young athletes which they develop into professionals. They visit a lot of small towns in the province and host games that are open for everyone to enter. The winner can play for the unbeatable junior or senior league.

“My main goal is to keep the children off the streets and consume their time with something that will benefit them in the long run,” ended Osher.

Shane Stagg (13), Xhanti Nondaka (13) and Taachye Hendricks (13) are part of the South African team.


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