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Premier lashes out at police, and society

Eastern Cape Premier, Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane lambasted members of the police who use state firearms in domestic disputes to injure, attack and kill spouses and family members, during the South African Police Services (SAPS) three-day Men’s Conference held in East London under the theme ‘Thetha Ndoda’ from last week Wednesday until Friday.

“Walk away from such situations and please, stop abusing the bible verse that says men are the heads and women are the necks of the family. The power you assume to have been bestowed upon you by God actually does not exist. Men are incomplete without women. The abuse must come to an end,” said the Premier warning police members. 

Mabuyane also made a stern warning to neglectful parents, making reference to the incident where the police faced public outrage after a three-year-old boy was murdered in Komani (Queenstown) on October 13, after going to the spaza shop, alone to buy sweets.

“Your biggest mistake as parents who derelict your duties to raise your children is thinking that it is the duty of the police. Take responsibility,” he said

Domestic Violence, sexual harassment, substance abuse, anger management and suicide among the police became a topic of interest. Eastern Cape Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga called out senior managers who abuse their authority by having sexual relations with junior staff members.

“You must respect your wives, spouses by conducting yourselves in a professional manner. You cannot sleep with subordinates that are under your command. We have zero-tolerance for sexual harassment,” she instructed.

The conference was also attended by Chief Ngangomhlaba Mathanzima, the Royal son of the Thembu Kingdom and chairperson of the Moral Regeneration Movement in the province.

He reminded men on the role they have always been expected to play in society, that he claims ‘has been neglected’ despite the culture of initiation teaching them how to be strong men that support their women.

“What suprises me is that the voice of men has been missing for so long in the national outcry over femicide. Being a police officer is a daunting task, but you must exercise self-restraint. A man must never take what he has not been given consent to take. Where are the men when children die in initiation schools, where are men in places where they are needed the most? Busy forcing themselves on children and women? asked Chief Mathanzima.

SAPS members at the recent three-day conference under the theme Thetha Ndoda. The cops had themed dress codes for each day.


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