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Prominent, glossy and ever-green, Umtiza Arts Fest is here

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Now in its fourth year, the Umtiza Arts Festival organisers have pulled out all the stops for the three-day affair starting on Thursday, May 31 until the June 1 in East London.

The majestic tapestries designed and made by the Keiskamma Trust, a group of women from Hamburg will be on exhibit at the Museum

This year features 25 shows, talk presentations, exhibitions, music and theatre productions. All shows will be hosted at the three landmark venues; the Guild Theatre, the Ann Bryant Art Gallery and the East London Museum.

One of the family favourites is Children’s Theatre, which this year will feature four shows, written and directed by Amanda Bothma, director for the Guild Theatre.

The Soweto String Quartet brings the jazz element for the festival. They have been in business since the 70s. The exhibitions on offer this year have a rich history grounded here in the province.

The multi-talented assembly of the Keiskamma Trust women from Hamburg will showcase their impressive tapestries’ alongside the African Guenica at the Museum for the duration of the festival.

Local artists will get a chance to display work under Anything but Paintings as well as under Unwritten Thoughts, which showcases a selection of poetry that documents iconic historical events in South Africa.

There is also a selection of great and insightful talks such as A place called Port St Johns, Memories of North End by Professor Dinesh Vallabh.

Kevin Cole also presents Stories in the Stars. According to Zuko Tyida, the festival spokesperson, “The festival is named after a genus of one species in the legume family, only found in a small area of the Eastern Cape. It is a spiny tree with prominent glossy, dark green foliage.”

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