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R10m abandoned rural resort opens

A R10-million rural beach resort that was left to rot by the government finally open its doors for business yesterday (Monday). Buffalo City Tourism revived and renovated the Kiwane Beach Campsite Resort in Tsholomnqa to stimulate and unlock rural tourism.

The Resort has been standing for nearly 10 years after it was constructed with a 2012 deadline. The community-driven Tyolomnqa Estuary Project was abandoned by the construction company, leaving workers unpaid and the site full of equipment, that was subsequently stolen.

“The City recognises tourism as one of the main drivers of employment and economic growth and envisages the promotion of the Metro as a major tourist and business events destination. Furthermore, the potential to contribute significantly to economic development, promotion of domestic and international tourism,” according to Samkelo Ngwenya, spokesperson for the Metro.

Kiwane Beach Resorts has seven-single-storey, five double storey chalets accommodating 48 people and two backpackers accommodating 16 people.


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