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R26 million Rural resort to stimulate development

The Kiwane Beach Campsite Resort in Tsholomnqa has cost the Eastern Cape government a whooping R26 million to build. Initially built and abandoned in 2012, the project cost R10 million on equipment that was looted and stripped off by locals, following an impasse between government and a contractor.

Buffalo City Tourism took over the resort in 2017 and a further R16 million was spent to restore the Resort which will officially open its doors for business this coming November. The Resort is expected to stimulate and unlock rural development and boost the economy of the village.

Kiwane Beach Resorts has a seven-single storey, five double-storey chalets accommodating 48 people and two backpackers accommodating 16 people. At least 164 people were employed during the renovations and a further 24 people will be employed to run the facility. All staff hired was been sourced from all the villages in ward 32.

“As the municipality, we are resolute in building sustainable township and rural economies in the city with the aim of reducing poverty, fighting unemployment and inequality. I always emphasise the point that our view of the rural and township economy is that there must be a formal interconnect between economic activity in these areas to what is happening in the mainstream,” said Buffalo City Executive Mayor, Xola Pakati.


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