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Rain causes concerns for Hemingways shoppers

Heavy East London rain had caused a hot mess for Hemingways Mall customers and business owners as floors flooded with water on January 17, just after 12 in the afternoon.

A few customers had to be redirected while they had already stepped in the water as they were not able to see how far the water goes. Shamrock Pies had to move their stock out and temporarily close while they clean the water.

Although this is not the first time this has happened, it has been fixed according to Reinette Van Tander, Hemingway’s Mall‘s general manager. “Please note the storm caused a flood of water down the storm water down-pipe inside a box gutter that broke causing the water leak at the Pie shop," she said.

The mall is a family favourite as it caters to all groups, with numerous shops, restaurants, movies and game areas. It is one of a kind in East London.

Outside Pick n Pay supermarket huge dustbins can be seen placed in areas where there are water leakages as this is not the first time this has happened since there have been water leakages.

Concerned parent, Simphiwe Nasa, said he is worried about the safety of his family at the mall.” People are prone to slips and falls, they can get injured and at a certain point if it’s not being fixed it might affect the structure of the building.”

He said he often sees children running around barefoot in the mall and that could cause a great tragedy with the issue of water and electricity being used all over the mall.

Another concerned shopper questioned, "If this mall is a family favourite, then they are doing us wrong by having such structural issues that places our children and shoppers at risk. Just last year there was an armed robbery at the jewellery store. It begs me to ask, how safe are we and our children in this so-called 'family favourite' mall?"


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