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Record entry for K2C trail run

By Joe Clarke

The East Coast's annual 33km trail run from Kei Mouth Country Club to Crawfords Beach Lodge, titled 'K2C', took place recently.

Passing some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes, the beauty however takes nothing away from the difficulty of the run.

After the recent restrictions on events, this year's turn out was their best ever and the most enjoyable K2C they've hosted.

Founded in 2017 by Mark Crawford of Crawfords Cabins and Liam Victor from Out There Trails, Crawford's idea was to promote the area with a tough enough trail race to attract semi-professionals from far and wide that would like to test themselves in the pristine yet challenging environment.

Without a budget they made it happen with the help of the Crawfords staff and Victor's contacts.

"The first two years, Liam and I mapped the run the day before the race, putting up markers to guide the runners. Richard at Morgan Bay Hotel and Neil at Haga Haga Hotel kindly assisted with water points while runners had to carry water for the rest of the way. Alderson’s Ambulance has always been there for medical attention for which we're extremely grateful," Crawford said.

This year saw a record of 245 entries made up of walkers and runners, as well as another 22 entries in the 5km, made up mostly of kids and beer drinkers.

The water points also increased to include stops at Double Mouth and Chefani and the duo were able to map the run a few days earlier ensuring that this year they could participate.

"Next year we are thinking of adding a Haga to Crawfords leg and will be expecting an even bigger turnout based on the success and feedback we've received. It was super tough, not at all made easier by the high tide," Crawford concluded.

Displaying fresh legs before the start of the 2020 K2C were, from left to right: Daryl Wittstock, Kerryn Allan, Bonnie Wilson, Althea van der Merwe, Surette Malherbe, Andrew Riley, and Kerry Sorour.







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