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Shark activity bound to increase

Two humpback whales washed up between the Bonza Bay and Nahoon coastline on Tuesday, October 6.

While both whales are decomposing, the Buffalo City Metro has advised the public to refrain from swimming, surfing, or any water activities.

Earlier this week, Kevin Harris a member of the Save Nahoon Facebook page published this photograph.

Kevin stated that the decayed whale carcasses washed up close to Nahoon river mouth and that the scent is all over the tidal line, which is bound to increase shark activity.

He also advised the public to avoid ocean water sports.

As per Level 1 Covid-19 regulations, all beaches are still closed and the natural processes have been allowed to take place as the removal of the carcasses will be a costly expense. For queries contact BCM Chief of Marine Services on 043 705 2637.

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