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Springboks could encounter Japan in the quarter-finals

Lindsay Weyer, Technical Advisor to the Springboks keeps us in the loop on the Springboks and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

After thumping our neighbours, Namibia 52 -3, the Springboks are based in Omaezaki this week ahead of our anticipated clash with Italy on Friday.

Omaezaki has a humid subtropical climate as it is on Japan’s Pacific coast with an estimated population of 32 422.

From the weekend game, we ticked a lot of boxes of things we wanted to achieve.

An evening game in Japan is extremely wet and humid so we are happy with the way we played ahead of the evening game with Italy. We did lose some opportunities, so this week we will work to ensure that we capitalise better.

I hear there is a lot of talk back home about Cheslin Kolbe. He is an unbelievable player who should be given credit for his strengths on the attack. We encourage line breaks and players are there to support him, we just need to finish cleaner and make the right decisions under pressure.

The level of pressure is high at the World Cup, you have the conditions to deal with; the crowd and its atmosphere, the match officials: whoever can win this battle will go far.

We watch all the games when we can, given our own schedule. I am currently gathering footage of every single game in the World Cup as a library to fall back. At the same time, I am analysing all the teams we might come up against in the next rounds.

You have to know what the opposition does and then you can execute your own plan.

I think Japan has a run at the quarter-finals, we always knew they were going to be a good team in this Cup because of home advantage and they have had four years to build a team for this tournament.

Ireland will be hurting but let us see how they respond in their up and coming games, as that has an influence on who we play in the quarter-finals.

Currently, we think it could be Japan, as they need to beat Scotland and Samoa.

It is great to see Tier 2 nations putting up great performances – no game is easy.

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