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Stabbed 13 times: Accused claims ‘I blacked out’

Ayanda ‘Mpiriri’ Matika (50) will appear in court for bail this morning (Tuesday). He is accused of the premeditated murder of Busisiwe Ngwadla (37), his girlfriend of five years in February. Ngwadla was stabbed with a knife 13 times in their flat in Amalinda.

Last week, Matika testified in the East London Magistrate Court that he does not remember killing Ngwadla as he suffered from a ‘black out’.

Matika’s version

According to Matika, the couple had an argument in the lounge about her allegedly cheating. This is after Ngwadla’s teenage son called Matika, who was in Cape Town, informing him of such. Matika took a bus to East London. “She had just taken a bath and there was a knife on the coffee table. I asked her a question and she said that it was ‘none of my business’. She grabbed the knife and tried to stab me, I ducked and grabbed it. I then blacked out. The next thing I remember, I was holding the knife with blood in my hands and she was lying on the floor next to the bathroom in a pool of blood, I don’t know how,” he said. “I blacked out,” he vowed.

Prosecutor Zukiswa Notyawa argued that this version is a lie as the last words uttered, ‘it is none of your business’, are most likely to have upset him and not the deceased. She accused him of being a proven flight risk and should not be granted bail.

Matika fled the crime scene and was found by intelligence in March in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. “I was not running. I was waiting to first get in touch with my lawyer,” he defended himself. Within days of Ngwadla’s death, Matika sent a voice note to a friend only known as ‘Shoes’, detailing what had just happened. He admits that his girlfriend was cheating on him and he got angry and killed her.

“I am scared you are going to kill me”

The court is in possession of the last WhatsApp messages from the deceased to the accused, written a few days before she was killed. She was scared of him because he had allegedly threatened to kill her numerous times. She also told him that she was leaving their place of residence.

In the messages, she adds, “I am tired of staying at home without employment. I want to work. You don’t work, you are just a fraudster. If you die, what will happen to me? You have promised to kill me, what if you do it, what happens to my son? I am scared of you because of the things you have confessed to have done to other people’s children in Cape Town. We are broke, we have no car, we have nothing. All we do is wait for you to commit fraud in order to have money, I cannot live like this,” the court heard.

Fraud allegations

A warrant of arrest was issued in 2016 in Cape Town against Matika for allegedly committing fraud in Woodstock. Although Matika is based in Cape Town, the police have not been able to capture him. He testified that he is not aware of the warrant. Five years ago, he was acquitted of fraud charges in East London, represented by the same lawyer, Bongani Macingwana.

When Ngwadla’s body was discovered, police found cloned bank cards under the couple’s bed. He denies that these belong to him. Prosecutor Notyawa pressed as to how the accused can afford a lavish lifestyle without a formal employment or a proven source of income.

Deceased Brother’s Anguish

Thabo Ngwadla, the brother of Ngwadla has been deeply hurt by the loss of his best friend, his sister. He lashed out at the accused for lying in court about the events of the day in question. “He is talking rubbish this guy, saying he killed my sister in some kind of self-defense. He stabbed her 13 times, naked coming out of a shower, how dangerous could she have been? In the voice note he sent to ‘Shoes’, he specifically says ‘I was angry, I stabbed her,” recalls Ngwadla.

Thabo was quoted in court saying that he witnessed the accused assault his sister in Mpumalanga three years ago. This, after she learnt that he was into card scamming. However, Matika, denies the physical assault, admitting that Busisiwe was angry because she had just learnt that he was married.

The family has had no peace and are having sleepless nights. “It is hard and every court appearance triggers strong emotions. The only saving grace is that we are all undergoing therapy.” He urged men to refrain from taking lives and causing pain to families of women with bright futures and children to raise. “If things are not working out in a relationship, move on, don’t kill anyone,” he appealed.

The trial is expected to start on August 6, 2019 at the East London High Court, three days after what would have been Busisiwe’s 38th birthday.

Ayanda Matika accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Murder victim, Busisiwe Ngwadla with her brother Thabo Ngwadla on her birthday.

At the East London Court last Wednesday, was Busisiwe’s mother, Mama and her sister, Phumla Ngwadla (right).


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