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Studying abroad, a viable option

East London pupils from different high schools after a Q and A session and a vote of thanks to Alice King.

Learners, teachers and parents attended the East London leg of the Education USA programme on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at Hudson Park High School. The sessions educate learners about opportunities available to study in the United States of America post high school.

Alice King, Education USA adviser and outreach specialist advised interested learners to explore their options and be realistic about school choices. If they wish to apply at Ivy League schools (straight A schools), they should make sure their marks meet the criteria.

“Do not overlook community colleges as they offer the same quality of education and qualifications. Write your standardised tests on time then start applying at schools for financial aid. Learners can also request a fee waiver is they feel they cannot afford some of the funds,” said King.

She also added that studying this far from home can make one vulnerable, but youngsters must be assertive about who they are, and not lose themselves.

“Do not lose yourself just because you will be mingling with different people with different cultures and backgrounds. It is okay to learn and explore new things, but continue to possess your values and authenticity. Focus on your books and graduate, that is all we want,” she said.

Financial aid organisations can cover up to 100% of the study costs, including accommodation and living expenses. When students have been accepted at the institutions and get funding, they can then apply for a visa. Education USA will reimburse the money used for the the VISA, pay for a return flight and give students a settling-in allowance.

Hudson Park learner Nikita Sidinile expressed his gratitude on the session, “this was a very interesting and insightful evening. I learnt a lot; I am happy that she went in depth with the topic because when I walked in, I did not know what to expect but now I am really eager to check out and compare schools. She has opened up doors that we never knew existed,” said Sidinile.

Education USA offers assistance to all students who might have problems completing their applications and provide financial relief to the parents. The organisation is dispelling the norm that learners may not study at the school of their choice because of financial struggles.


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