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Sundale brings a ray of hope to Sunny South Village community

From left to right: Warrant Officer Spiwo Ponti; Captain Mzalisi, Kidd’s Beach Police Station; Brian Chitwa, Sundale HR Manager; Ziphilele Matinise, Gompo Traditional Authority; Chief Makinana, Contralesa; Libele Simayile, Ward 31 committee representative; Craig Cant, Sundale representative; Welile Jongolo Traditional Councillor; Phil, Sundale representative; Gladstone Pati, Sundale representative and Fundile Ntsonto, Gompo Traditional Authority.

South Africans are renowned for two things, resilience, and generosity. This week, we witnessed this first-hand as the people of the Sunny South Village near Kidd’s Beach graciously and patiently waited to receive a very generous donation of 100 food parcels from Sundale Dairy.

In what can only be described as a textbook handover of food parcels, community members queued quietly and patiently in the blustering cold winds brought on by snowfalls upcountry, whilst the community leaders, Kidd’s Beach Police officials and ward councillors oversaw a carefully planned system that maintained the statutory COVID-19 social distancing regulations. The local ward 31 municipal councillor, Sindile Toni worked with the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) to identify the most deserving families, and those families were invited to attend the official handover, overseen by Chief Mthuthuzeli Makinana, chairperson of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Branch of Contralesa.

According to Sundale spokesperson Lynette Howe, “Business is tough this year and no company is exempt from the additional pressures being placed on them by virtue of the shortened trading times, closure during lockdown and the additional costs related to COVID-19 compliance measures. Despite all this, we remain resolute in our commitment to support our vulnerable communities. We receive daily requests for assistance and the challenge is to ensure that any donations made, are actually received by the intended recipients. To this end, we have established a good working relationship with various organisations and individuals to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of donations so that our vulnerable communities receive the help they so desperately need.”

Access to food and markets has been severely constrained during the hard lockdown and Sundale responded by launching an online option offering consumers delivery of a R 300 dairy box packed with milk, maas, dairy snack, 6-pack yoghurts, a big 1kg tub of fruit yoghurt and a bottle of Jamaica dairy blend. The recipients of the 100 food parcels donated by Sundale each received one of these dairy boxes today. According to Howe, “we are mindful that health and wellness is critical at this time and because fresh dairy packs a nutritious punch and aids gut health, it will go some way to contributing not only to hunger relief, but also to boosting wellness.”

Chief Makinana expressed his appreciation for the great efforts made by Sundale Dairy in support of 100 vulnerable families of Sunny South Village and highlighted the extent of socio-economic impact which this donation will make in what he described as “rescuing the beneficiaries from an acute state of hunger.”


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