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Suspects arrested for a series of robberies

By Mihle Tolobisa

Three suspects were arrested in East London following a series of reported robberies. The suspects aged between 24 and 34 were arrested in connection to their latest robbery in Vincent on Tuesday, February 4.

Jacqueline Warren (53) was robbed outside her workplace, Amatola Nursing Services in Warwick Road as she was opening the gate. Her daughter Tyra Warren (22) was with her when a guy came out of a white Toyota Corolla and snatched her laptop bag which had nursing textbooks, keys and two cell phones.

Tyra ran after the guy and only managed to grab his 'beanie' off his head. A distraught Warren is worried about people who will not be able to get the medical help they need because of this crime. “I used to stay in Southernwood but I moved to Vincent hoping the area would be safer. I am really sad that it is not,” she said.

On January 29, the same vehicle was caught on CCTV with a suspect attempting to rob a lady in a red dress on Cavendish Road in Vincent. She resisted and the suspect ran towards the white Toyota Corolla suspected to be their getaway vehicle.

According to David Kean who commented on the video that was posted on social media, he was outside his office when he heard a lady screaming and ran to assist. More people came out immediately to assist. Michelle Tanya commented on the same post that this is the same car that robbed her sister, Bianca Binx.

Spokesperson for the police, Captain Mluleki Mbi said the suspects have so far been charged for Warren’s robbery.


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