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Teacher writes own books

Lori-Ann Preston, 44, is an East London teacher who could not find entertaining books to read to her pupils, so she wrote her own books about characters based in East London. The former Clarendon Prep drama and Beaconhurst Primary School teacher has a Bachelor of Education Honours Degree through the University of South Africa.

She won the Golden Baobab Prize in 2016 for her Early Chapter book 'The Ama-zings!', a fast-moving, fun-filled adventure story, and received the New Writer of the Year award in 2016 from the South African Writer's Circle. She currently lives in Bonnie Doon.

Zabalaza Nandipha (12) a Grade 6 learner at Southernwood Primary who loves to read volunteered to do a review for Eastern Cape Rising Sun of the three books. Below is what Zabalaza had to say.

Trixie – The Mischief Maker

Trixie is a naughty girl. She loves playing tricks on her teachers, parents and people who annoy her. She attends the worst school ever – Mizzery Primary School. This school also has the worst teachers. The characters are Trixie, Ms LunaTick, Trixie’s classmates, Barry Shmelly and Gobbler the pig (Trixie’s pet). The message of the story is Fun Fun Fun!

Thabo, The Space Dude: Logbook 1, Destination Mars

Thabo’s parents tell him that they are moving to Mars soon. His Mom forces him to write a logbook that becomes this book. He only has two months to complete his bucket list, which includes sneaking a kiss from Mbali. The story takes place in East London, which I love so much. The main characters are Thabo, Kurt, Zen and Mbali. I would recommend this book because it is interesting and funny.

Thabo, The Space Dude: Logbook 2, Destination Mars

After two months, Thabo and his parents are off to Mars, how will they survive with no friends, pizza or milkshakes. Thabo is very scared. He gets to Mars and….he gets lost! This story takes place in Mars, that is soo cool. The characters are Thabo, Kurt, Zen, Mama and Tata. This book is brain-boggling, please read it.

Lori-Ann Preston


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