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Eastern Cape Rising Sun published an article on Facebook recently regarding the eviction of illegal residents in East Bank, which reached over 9,700 viewers in a day. Many shared their views, but one particular comment (as per the image above) disturbed our readers.

Eastern Cape Rising Sun distances itself from that comment and believes it is irresponsible for the said online reader or anyone to use social media as a platform to incite violence. While, we could have “named and shamed” the online viewer, we opted to respect her privacy and give her a chance.

Speaking on this, Managing Director of Eastern Cape Rising Sun, Nishal Rampersadh said, "While we believe in freedom of speech and encourage our followers to interact and share their opinions on our social media platforms, we advise that they do so respectful of the rights and opinions of others and abide by the rules and regulations governing such public domains as social media."

Nishal added, "We take a neutral stance and do not permit posts promoting political, corporate or commercial selling of services or products or other ventures unless we deem them related to our business or its operation."

“We reserve the right to remove comments that are profane, sexist, racist, violent, spam, abusive or that advocate illegal activity, are off-topic, threaten, incite, duplicated or make certain claims, accusations, allegations and attacks on organisations, businesses, employees, guests or other individuals.”

Social media: fast growing data platform

“Social Media is one of the fastest growing platforms that data is shared on and our mediums are fast gaining real-time viewers and customers who are interactive, giving feedback to local and national related content online. As a responsible publisher it is in our readers’ best interest that online readers respect each other,” said Nishal.

Our viral posts reach as many as 20 000 people within a day of posting. Over 90% of small, medium enterprises today use social media to attract new customers and almost everyone of all ages is mobile savvy communicating and sharing data through various SM platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other mediums.

"When done effectively, social media marketing can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more engagement, but it also opens the door to sensitive issues like this, which we must address and manage. It is for this reason that we would like to set the record straight and educate people that our social media platforms are used to inform, uplift, educate readers, businesses and the public. Any online viewer found misusing or disrespecting others on our communication channels will be ‘named and shamed’. As a community media house - we aim to reflect news that is accurate and unbiased, being a watchdog in society, to keep people informed through reporting that is non-discriminatory, non-sexist and factual. We launch our website: www.easterncaperisingsun.com next week and also hope online viewers interact respectfully to others on this channel,’’ concluded Nishal.


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